24000 strong petition presented to Doncaster Council to STOP the seven care homes ends up as a pantomime! #KPRS #doncasterisgreat.

Yesterday, Michelle Bailey(on behalf of the Care gate group) gave a moving speech in presenting a 24000 strong petition to Doncaster Councillors. The elected Mayor Jones said that the matter would be decided by her Cabinet on Wednesday, 25th June.(at 1000)

Then the pantomime started. The Leader of the Conservative group moved a motion wanting to keep the homes open.(Oh the Coalition Government is forcing the Doncaster Council to make £109M of cuts isn’t it)!. This motion was ably supported by an Independent (until recently a Liberal Democrat and Finance Cabinet member agreeing massive cuts under ex Mayor Davies, currently guru of Doncaster First group).

A Labour Councillor spent all his time saying it was all the Government’s fault (despite yours truly and others ‘asking him’ to ‘keep to the petition’). Another Labour Councillor thought that the new ‘modernising’ agenda would would be helpful, to the extent that a resident could even be taken to the pub for a drink! This of course upset the residents families. One said ‘we are hear to stop the homes being closed not to talk about going to a pub’.

The Conservative motion was lost by 37 to 14 and and a ‘leave it to the Cabinet type’ motion by a Labour Councillor was carried by 35 to 15.

In my view, the Conservative Party will always make the people suffer and the Labour Government have already agreed that they will implement the Coalition’s draconian austerity cuts in full in 2014/15

So who do you vote for in the elections next year? Watch this space!.



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