Monthly Archives: February 2013

Tonight, at 1830 two Labour ‘Councillors against Cuts’ Dean Kirk and Gill Kennett at the Danum Hotel

The two Hull Labour Councillors who are against the cuts will speak alongside campaigners at tonight’s meeting, Wednesday, 20 February.

They are a part of a growing number of individual nationwide Councillors who vote AGAINST the cuts in  their local council.


AMAZON and Mayor Davies

Over the last three years AMAZON have made profits that could have generated up to £100 million in Corporation Tax. Instead, they and many other companies don’t pay proper taxes.

The GMB held a protest at AMAZON to highlight this and workers pay and conditions. The company pay employees £6.20 per hour and have a culture of bullying and harassment.

Yet the Mayor attacks the GMB protest for endangering jobs and investment in the borough!

The Mayor’s draft 2013/14 budget proposal’s include a Budget Gap of £26.4 million, which will severely affect your Council services and make 313 full time employees redundant.

Doesn’t the Mayor understand that if all the ‘tax avoidance’ companies paid their fair share of Corporation Tax then there would be no need for all these cuts in your local services.




GMB protest at AMAZON Distribution Centre First Business Park

Today at 1000 am GMB will protest at Amazon’s failures to pay proper taxes and a Living Wage of £7.45 per hour to their employees and denial of the right to union representation and collective bargaining.