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MAYOR’S OVERSPEND LEGACY (2) Quarter (3) – CYPS (Agency Staff) £2,26m. #doncasterisgreat #KPRS


MAYOR’S OVERSPEND LEGACY (1) – QUARTER 3 2012/13 Adults & Communities (Equipment & Installations) £0.32m. #KPRS #doncasterisgreat

DID YOU KNOW (8) Why is the Council’s flagship Change Programme £3m overspent? #KPRS #doncasterisgreat

Since 1st January 2013 the Change Programme has been the responsibility of the Director of Finance & Corporate Resources. The main areas that are overspent are Customer Access (Positive Customer Experience £1.34m overspent) and Procurement, (£0.94m) due to delays achieving the delivery of services. (See Appendix B Page 52 of Quarter 3 2012/13 report) #KPRS #doncasterisgreat

DID YOU KNOW (7) Revenue Budget 2013/14 – A&C NE 45….. Review of leisure centres including potential rationalisation…. #KPRS #doncasterisgreat

Which leisure centres are potentially to be rationalised? #KPRS #doncasterisgreat

DID YOU KNOW (6) when will the £5.2m loan to Doncaster Culture & Leisure Trust be repaid? #KPRS #doncasterisgreat

The loan has yet to take place & the exact terms are still being finalised. It is however expected that the loan will be repaid over a term not exceeding twenty years. #KPRS #doncasterisgreat

Why don’t all Independent Mayoral candidates(e.g, me) appear on Sunday Politics, are not on a Radio Sheffield debate & are rarely in DFP? #KPRS #doncasterfreepress

Answer; by electoral law, BBC policy and you should ask the Doncaster Free Press! 

DID YOU KNOW (5) That Price Waterhouse Cooper (Consultants) was paid in 09/10 £0, 10/11 £421,125, 11/12 £148,645. What for?