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Mayor Rahan, look at last 3rd/4th paragraphs. He has large tax revenues. In Cantley we only want £50000 to keep our library as it now.

Politics | Tower Hamlets: The Last Outpost of the Raj Falls


1984 (1) Another law i was not aware of. Does anybody know any security cleared ‘special advocate’?

UKIP founder Alan Sked says that ‘The party has become a Frankenstein’s monster’. No surprises here.

2010 interview with Nigel Facade. Facade can mean ‘a showy misrepresentation intended to conceal something unpleasant’.

Which political parties support food banks? Bring some food to Doncaster food bank, 1100 each Saturday at Clock Corner.

I am watching the ‘ political assassination’ against the Labour Party by Dimbleby and co on BBC TV. Labour has currently only won 144 seats and 4 Councils.

For the first time in 40 years, i am ‘tactically’ voting (in this election only) in the Euro elections. I will be voting for the Green Party to keep out UKIP.

In 1974 there were three Councillors to be elected. This took place in Bramhall, Cheshire where it would be a close run result between the Liberals and the Tories. On a wet and windy night my wife and i walked to the polling station and ‘tactically’ voted for all three Liberals. A Liberal came first, a Tory came second and another Liberal came third by one (1) vote!

I campaigned against the Common Market in 1975 and i am still against its successor, the EU.

At least the Green Party is supporting a referendum to come out of the EU.