Monthly Archives: November 2013

New draconian benefit changes very few people know about. It could eventually happen to you.


600,000 going to food banks, and the rest. British Red Cross embarks on a mass food collection, first time since 1945.

Royal Mail; the truth comes out. Profits up 150% to £233m. More redundancies on the way. Taxpayers could lose £1.7 billion.

Speak up for non teaching assistants. Devoted people on poor wages who look after our children.

PFI and ownership of our schools & hospitals by banks. And the taxpayer pays the bill!

The demise of the Liberal Democrats. Come back the Liberals, (Councillors) all is forgiven!

If you care about Doncaster people and you do nothing else, then oppose the £109M cuts by signing this petition. #KPRS #doncasterisgreat